Image on summary_large_image not showing up if URL from CDN


Hi there!

We’ve been using summary card for a long time with no problem, but we think that summary_large_image will do better for our tweets.

We’ve configured all needed meta-tags and finally spotted that when we use CDN URL for twitter:image, image proxy server returns an error (watching network traffic on Chrome Dev Tools, this should be visible on card test page)

On CDN we have whitelisted

and in our robots.txt we’ve added

User-agent: Twitterbot

What else could be happening? We use max-cdn.

Example Card page:

Example image URL:

We do not use SSL on our website so I think reported SNI problem is not the case.

Hope we can get some light into this. Thanks!


Sorry for the trouble. It looks like it’s working now; it may have been an intermittent issue, or the cache may have prevented an update.

You can use the card validator to update the cache as well.


Right now it is working because we are using no CDN url. This way it works. But if we change the card to use CDN image, no longer works (if you see source code from original Card Page you can check it)


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