Image not showing


From last week, the images are not getting displayed when we tweet even though we have the twitter image meta tag and the card validator returns the following,

twitter:card = summary_large_image tag found
INFO: Card loaded successfully

But the image is not getting loaded. The image size is within limits as well.
Here is the URL that we tested,

Any help on this would be appreciated.



Hi Any updates on this? I tried switching the summary_large_image to summary and also tried twitter:image:src instead of twitter:image. But nothing helped. We are not blocking twitter bot as well. Not sure why images are not showing up suddenly.



twitter:image is the correct syntax.

It looks like there is an SSL configuration issue with the domain that is serving the image (SSL Labs is giving it an F rating and it is vulnerable to various issues) so the crawler can’t fetch the image. You could try serving the image from another domain.