Image not showing up on Large Image card


We are trying to implement the large image card and everything looks OK in the validator but the large image isn’t be shown? Could it be because we host our images on a CDN? The link is below and our domain name has been approved by twitter. The rest of the meta info shows up just fine.


It could well be the CDN, I’m not sure. The rule is basically that the Twitterbot crawler needs to be able to access the image. I’ve just tried grabbing your page, checked your robots.txt file, and grabbed the image itself. I currently cannot understand why the image isn’t loading since I was able to get the image from your CDN using curl masquerading as Twitterbot.


Another thought - did you initially post the link before you added the image / made it available? if so, there could be a caching issue per our troubleshooting docs.

edit: actually this could well be related to the CDN - if your image content took a while to propagate to all of the CDN servers when you first created the content, Twitterbot may not have seen it when creating and caching the card.