Image not displayed though validator says card markup is valid


Description of issue:
I’ve added markup for large summary cards to my pages and best as I can tell it is correct. However, the images won’t show up in the card validator or when I try to create a tweet on my timeline.

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I’ve walked through all the troubleshooting steps in the troubleshooting guides and worked through the docs to verify I have the correct markup.


The image is hosted on the domain

I’m seeing a connection timeout when the crawler is attempting to fetch that image so I’d speculate that Twitter’s outbound IP ranges may be blocked by that domain.


Thank you for this insight! This will help my conversations with my hosting provider.

I know you and your team work hard to make things as self-serve as possible. Would it have been possible for me to find this info about the image fetch on my own?


Appreciate your words - yes, we’d absolutely like this to be self-serve and no trouble. In this case - I don’t think it would have been easy. I’ve recently had a chat with the card validator team and we started to consider how we could improve the output from the tool, so I’ll make sure this kind of case is included in that as we look at possible updates.


Awesome! That would be great.


My hosting provider is saying that they don’t have anything that would be preventing the crawler from accessing the image.

Would it be possible to get any additional information about why the crawler is receiving a connection timeout? A log? A stacktrace?


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