Image not appearing in tweets with Photo Card


I have added the Photo Card metadata to the pages of my website. Example in

My domain is whitelisted for photo cards ("* is whitelisted for photo card"), and the item is shown perfectly in the validator.

However, tweets added to my profile do not show the image in the feed (such as in It is only shown if user clicks on “view photo”. Example:

Am I missing something? I would like the image to appear in my tweets without users having to click anything.


@adlerhn, This is as expected. Twitter Card details currently do not display in timeline. Only in Tweet details view on the permalink page.


@joncipriano thanks for the clarification. I guess when I saw the Cards samples I thought that functionality would display the photos in the timeline, as opposed to just in the permalink page.

There are many sites out there whose tweets do display a picture in the timeline. Any hint on how can that be implemented?


If you want to see an image in the timeline, you can add an image directly to your tweet in the tweet composer and have it uploaded to Twitter. Alternatively, you can choose to promote your tweets including cards in the timeline via the Ads platform, which will cause them to be expanded there.

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