Image in twitter card not showing


There’s no way that any image appears in any of my Twitter cards:

I have validated domain in Twitter Cards and got it approved, let the Twitterbot through the robots.txt, added the meta information to the head of my website… the image I am using satisfies all requirements, I have even tried other images, all satisfying these:

  • less than 1Mb
  • 600px wide
  • 150px height

I am really frustrated now, can you help? I want to use it for ads in Twitter, but no way…

My domain is and my Twitter user @esandracom



Hi Sandra,

Thank you for providing all the details and making sure all the requirements are in place.

I just tried to tweet a link with your Lead Gen Card and everything works perfectly on my end including the image. Have you been able to solve your issue? Do you confirm it works for you too?