Image filenames naming scheme


The Twitter REST interface exposes the URLs for profile/banner images: I’m purely interested in the filename part. Does Twitter preserve the filename uploaded? It seems it does not. What is the naming scheme for uploaded profile and banner image filenames?

If I see the same filenames for different users, does this mean the images are the same (so Twitter is doing deduplication)? When is this true and when is it not?

In some cases, I see a long string of seemingly random characters for the name (e.g. something like a1OBEJFS_normal.jpeg), in a few cases I see what seem like actual chosen names (profile_pic_normal.jpeg). What conditions results in each?



Hi Frank - we don’t publish those filename naming conventions at this time. The best way to get the correct value and URL for those images for the current profile or banner image is to check the value in the response from users/show or users/lookup.


Hi Andy, thanks for the prompt reply! I am actually not asking so much about correctly getting the image URLs, but rather, if I have two image URLs where the filename part is the same, is this an indication the images are the same? Or at least the user uploaded two images with the same local filename?