Image Direct Message cards and Video Direct message cards option not found


I programatically created a video direct message card using the api POST accounts/:account_id/cards/video_direct_message and the GET accounts/:account_id/cards/video_direct_message gives the details on it.

I am using @tweepforce account, it is whitelisted to use twitter-ads.

I want to include this card in a tweet. For that, I reached, clicked the compose tweet, there is an option to select cards.
Its not listing mage Direct Message cards or Video Direct message cards.card

Is that a permission problem? Or is there any alternate solution to use image and video Direct Message cards in a tweet


Thanks for the question, @tweepforce. In order to manage direct message cards on, your ads account must have the corresponding account feature. Please reach out to your Twitter rep, if you have one, for this type of request.


Thanks for the response