Image Attachment via @Anywhere or JS API ... Is it possible?



Is it possible to attach an image (as a PNG data URI) to the data element when sending a tweet via the JS API or via the @anywhere tweet-box ?

Thank you.


No, we require multipart form data for the upload process and don’t support PNG data URIs in any context that I know of.

While I wouldn’t completely rule out photo support being added to the @Anywhere Tweet Box, we don’t have any scheduled plans to add this functionality.


Thx @episod,

I found this post by you which explains it better than the doc on the site and I also found the php example on guthub by @themattharris

But I think we’re expected to leave room in the tweet itself for the URL … which won’t work in my case. I thought the image upload magically linked the image to the tweet. Whoops.


is it possible to change twitter profile picture through api from any website.


It’s possible to change a user’s avatar using the REST API, but the feature is not directly available through @Anywhere. See [node:79].


thanks but that reference is not completely clear to me.
can u plz provide some php code or reference to change twitter profile picture.