Image app download card API questions


There seem to be some inconsistencies with the documentation at

  • At the top it says “Both wide_app_image and wide_app_image_data are deprecated - use image_media_id instead.” But in the parameter section only “wide_app_image_media_id” is mentioned. The latter seems to work, but should we be using “image_media_id”?

  • In the Mobile App Promotion overview section both the image app card and regular app card are described as having custom decriptions. The screenshots make it look like that is the case. But what is the attribute for setting that text? No mention on the doc page.


Hi, @tharlinsmith. Thanks for these questions.

For the POST accounts/:account_id/cards/image_app_download endpoint, the wide_app_image_media_id should be used. Using the image_media_id results in a MISSING_PARAMETER error. We will update the docs to clear this up.

In terms of the app card descriptions, I’ll follow up once I look into it a bit more.


Thanks - While you’re in there updating the docs, it looks like the description of the “Large Image App Card” in the Mobile App Promotion Overview is incorrect. If I’m reading the subsections correctly, the custom image size of 144x144 applies to the custom icon media in the regular app card rather than the image for the large image card.


Hi, @tharlinsmith. Custom descriptions—descriptions to be used instead of any app store description—are only available for the regular app cards (the POST accounts/:account_id/cards/app_download endpoint). To change the description, use the custom_app_description param. There is a 100 character maximum here.

You are also right that the description of the “Large Image App Card” is incorrect. While the maximum size is 1MB, the image should be at least 800px wide with a 5:2 aspect ratio. I’ll plan to update the Mobile App Promotion Overview page.

Thanks again!


Ok, thanks. It looks to me like the screenshots on the Overview page under “large image app cards” are showing examples of custom descriptions. Is that not the case? Is that the text from the tweet portion showing above the image instead? We’re just trying to use this ad unit in exactly the way it is being shown here.


That is correct, @tharlinsmith. The text above the image is the status (tweet) text.

To associate an image app download card with a tweet, you can do the following. First, get a list of your available image app download cards, shown in descending order.

$ twurl -H '/1/accounts/xxxxx/cards/image_app_download?sort_by=created_at-desc' | jq .

Then, find the specific one you want to use and get its preview_url. Next, create the tweet and include the URL.

$ twurl -X POST -H '/1/accounts/xxxxx/tweet/?status=Tweet text'

The aaaa is the card ID and will appear in the URL. The as_user_id param allows you to specify the user you would like to tweet as (you have to have been granted access to tweet on behalf of this user).

Hope this helps!


Thanks, that’s very helpful.

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