Image app card country created by API appearing incorrectly?


We seem to have this problem for all our API created campaigns. We posted a large image app card through the API, with app_country_code = “CA”. Reading it back verifies this:

twurl -H /0/accounts/18ce53y0tai/cards/image_app_download/hpsf

    "data": {
        "account_id": "18ce53y0tai",
        "app_country_code": "CA",

But when viewing this card in the web UI, the “Primary app store territory” shows as Afghanistan (the first country in the selector list).

Any advice?



I just want to ping this, because it’s still an issue for us. Please let us know if you need more information?


Just thought I’d share facts about our attempts at trying to work around this:

  • We noticed the documentation suggests we use capital letters for the country code: 2 letter ISO code for the country where the App is sold. Example Values: US

  • Also, when we post to the API using small letters, reading them back shows they’ve been capitalized.

  • The Select element has the option value as small letters:

  • When I manually changed the country on the web UI, and queried back the API: twurl -H /0/accounts/18ce53y0tai/cards/image_app_download/lp3r | python -m json.tool:


    "data": {
        "account_id": "18ce53y0tai",
        "app_country_code": "ca",


It reads back as small letters, different from if we had set it through the UI.


Thanks for reporting this bug, Will. The app_country_code values should definitely persist between the UI and the API, and we’ll work on resolving this issue. I’ll update this thread with more information and timelines about the fix as they come.

I do want to confirm that the capitalized value set through the API is valid and will accurately target the specified country, even if it is not correctly rendered in the UI.


The app_country_code bug is now resolved. The UI should now accurately reflect app_country_codes set in the API.