I'm trying to create a stopwatch-sort-of bot


My apologies if I’m on the wrong section (I don’t even know what API even means). So uhm basically I’m (very) new to this developing thing.
(You can skip this paragraph, just telling why I’m here in the first place) I’m going to take up Computer Engineering in college. I decided to try out this coding thing before I go to school. I think it’ll give me a glimpse of what it it like to be like you guys. So I’m trying to (hopefully) make a simple Twitter bot.

So basically I’m trying make a simple twitter bot that’ll tweet time durations since a specific time has passed (in my case, January 12 2014 22:00 GMT). It will tweet how many days, hours and minutes every 5 minutes. I think the tweet will look like this: X days, Y hours, and Z minutes since H

I look forward to you in the near future. Thank you for your time.

a newbie,