I'm rejected for "name already in use" when attempting to connect Twitter to a Callback App on my website?


I’m attempting to link my website App to a free download through Twitter for those who recommend my site. When I have filled out the Twitter App form with my App’s name and Callback url, both entries are rejected. The name is deemed “in use” ( I used it for Facebook) and the Callback url, which is working perfectly is said to be an “invalid url”. What’s the problem?


Can you share the URL you’re trying to use?

If it says the name is already in use, it means that someone has registered an application with that name already and you’ll need to select an alternate.


but I saw so many applications, e.g. UberSocial for BlackBerry, is repeated again & again… How could that happen??


The application in use by me is “Commission Ignition Social Traffic” .The name as recommended by the source is just Commission Ignition, which is what I used. This is being used by many others who purchased the software plugin.


If the plugin/piece of software requires you to enter your own API keys, then you’ll need to name the application yourself a name that is not yet taken by another application. Some users like to use these white-label apps to give themselves a “vanity” application name – for instance you could choose something like “Leonard Scruggs” if it was interesting to you to do so.




I still didn’t get it, about API… Really really confuse about that… Would you give a simple explanation, if you don’t mind?? Thx b4…


An application, as far as Twitter sees it, is just a row in a database on our servers. An application has an API key, an API secret, and users who have authorized it for use. “UberSocial for BlackBerry” is an application in our database, and every phone that runs this app uses the same API key – it’s all tied to the entry in our database representing that application.

Outside of Twitter, an application has a much broader meaning. Some Applications are distributed without their own API keys – in this case, you as a user must obtain your own API key from Twitter by registering “an application” (as Twitter sees it, again, a row in a database). One of the rules of registering an application with Twitter is that the name needs to be unique.

Hope this clarifies that for you.

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