I'm looking for help on Twitter developer account review


I am a developer in China. I registered for Twitter Develope on November 6, but up to now, my developer account is still under review. What happened? Can it be approved as soon as possible?

Our company name is Easou Technology。
My Twitter account is xiaobai0017@126.com


Hi @xiaobai0017 - we sent you a follow-up email asking for more information on your use case on November 06th.

Please reply to this email in as much detail as possible in order for your application to move forward. If you can’t find the email in your main Inbox, make sure to check you Junk and Spam folders.


Hi, I didn’t receive the email, please send another email. Thank you. I changed the email address to Microsoft Mail (xiaobai0017@hotmail.com). I believe I can receive your email this time.Thank you very much!


Hi @xiaobai0017 - I have asked our team here to re-send you this email to your hotmail address. Please keep an eye on your Inbox, as well as your Junk and Spam folders, over the next few days and respond to the email in as much detail as possible.


Thank you very much, I have received a resend mail.
I replied to this email and we would be very grateful if we could get a response as soon as possible.
Thank you again for your help.


Hi @xiaobai0017 - our team will review your response and follow up. Please keep an eye out for an email and remember to check your Junk and Spam folders.