I'm confused - will user_timeline JSON work after March 2013?


I currently have the below on a client’s site which simply pulls in 4 latest tweets from the client’s feed. That’s all it does, and nothing else is needed or wanted.

Someone told me it won’t work after March 2013, is this true? What is required after March to get it going again?



Yes, API v1 will no longer function after March 2013. You’ll need to move to using API v1.1. API v1.1 requires OAuth 1.0A authentication at this time, making client-side Javascript requests like this one much more difficult if not impossible to accomplish securely. You’ll need to perform such a request server-side instead leveraging OAuth.


Thanks for confirming. In other words, they will just have to say goodbye to tweets on their website. Further development hassles to re-instate is not an option here.

I couldn’t really care less, I don’t use Twitter much. But TV shows seem to like it, and the ones I worked on were previously giving Twitter a lot of exposure and recruitment including displaying latest tweets on their website. Now the party is over.

Seems strange to me this decision by Twitter. If the content of the tweets originates from the site owner, Twitter shouldn’t be putting access restrictions in place just to get that content back onto the site. Without the message in the tweet, Twitter would just be a bunch of @ and # tumbleweeds. The way the internet works best is when this sort of data can be made available for systems to share and read without barriers and logins to spoil the fun.