Ignore UserID on Search API



Hi, I can not Ignore specified user ID on the search API.
User ID is twitter user’s unique ID, not twitter screen name.

hashtag is “#twitter”, ignore user ID “123456789”.
but it’s not work.



I believe it has to be the screen name of the user, not the numerical id. “-from:@RichTVXChannel” did remove the first visible tweet for me.


thanks for your reply,
I can hide tweet with screen name.
but screen name is not unique.
I want to hide the unique ID of Twitter.

Is not it possible?


Screen names are unique. Try to register one that’s already in use.


there was a mistake I was saying,
I wanted to say, I want to restrict using an ID that the user can not change.

Changing your username


This is not possible in the API (and this is generally an edge case)


I understood.
Thank you very much for your quick reply.
if you have another solution, please teach me.