Iframe html does not contain allowfullscreen when posting twitter playercards


I am using twittercards to post virtual tours onto twitter as tweets, my domain is whitelisted and I have validated the meta tags are all correct. The last and only issue is we are unable to full screen the content. Upon checking the source code, the iframe that Twitter has provided does not contain ‘allowfullscreen’. I have checked other people’s similar content and for instance this person has full screen working fine as it includes ‘allowfullscreen’ in the iframe HTML https://twitter.com/tonyredhead/status/924475214557167622

I have posted a tweet to show that it is not working here - https://twitter.com/JoeHuggans/status/936174084408344576

I have been through numerous posts of the same type on here and other sites where people also had the same issue but absolutely none of them were resolved.

Hoping to get some help with this if possible as this is an important feature we require for our clients.

Thank you in advance


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