If I favorite a retweet, Favorites/list does not indicate which of my friends retweeted it



When I visit my timeline at https://twitter.com/, retweets show which of my friends retweeted, e.g. “DHH Retweeted”:

If I favorite/like the above retweet, and then view it on my Likes page at https://twitter.com/i/likes, it does NOT indicate which of my friends retweeted it, e.g. no indication of “DHH Retweeted”:

This is also true of REST calls to /favorites/list. The response indicates that I favorited a tweet by @trevortimm (whom I do not follow), but does not indicate that it was retweeted by @dhh.

Is it possible to know programmatically the identity of the retweeter? (And not just any or all retweeters, but which retweeter was responsible for my seeing this tweet in my timeline?)



I don’t think so, if you favorite the Retweet, the original Tweet and not the Retweet is favorited, so there is no information about the User which retweeted that Tweet present in the favorites list.