If application uses only "Sign in with Twitter"?



Is there an easy way to use “Sign in with Twitter” without applying for a developer account, numerous verifications, and the long-awaited approval of the application?


The Sign in with Twitter account requires for you to have a Twitter app.

If you didn’t already have a Twitter app before July 24th when we made this announcement, you will have to have an approved developer account to create a new app.

If you did have an app before that date, you should be able to use and edit that app via apps.twitter.com, and if you apply for a developer account, via the new apps dashboard on developer.twitter.com.


How do I debug an application that needs a developer account?


Can you please clarify your question? I’m not too sure what you mean here.

What exactly are you trying to do?


I am developing an application that uses “Sign in with Twitter” but I do not have a developer account.
I cannot get the developer account while I do not present the application.
I cannot present the application while I do not have the developer account.
We have infinite loop.


Thanks so much for reaching out here. That does sound frustrating. To create an application that uses sign in with twitter or to add this functionality to an existing application you will first need to create a Twitter app. To do so, you are going to need an approved developer account. You can apply for a developer account here. After you have completed the initial set up, the authentication tokens from your Twitter app. For more information about getting set up to locate your keys, please review our documentation on the subject.

I hope this helps! If there are still issues here, would you mind giving us a bit more context about what you are trying to accomplish with the sign in with twitter application you are working on and where you are in the process.


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