If a URL is shorter than the t.co address it will become, the character counter displayed with the @Anywhere tweetbox is incorrect


Recently I read "All URLs regardless of their length are now automatically wrapped with t.co"
Not a development I am fairly fond of, since any t.co-address is longer than any URL from my own personal URL-shortener. So you are actually elongating all of my short URL’s, leaving less space for text to accompany the link, but that’s not the real issue here…

I have a t.co problem that shows when using the @Anywhere tweetbox. I have noticed that the counter which states how many characters you have left before reaching the 140 character limit, does not take into account that the link will become a longer t.co-URL.

I’ve had tweets of exactly 140 characters, ready to be sent out, my own short link included in the @Anywhere tweetbox. But the tweet would not get published… Too long.
After rewriting the tweet so it was two characters shorter (a t.co address is typically two characters longer than my own short URL) the tweet did go out.

The character counter of the @Anywhere tweetbox does not seem to know the URL will get longer because of t.co, resulting in an incorrect character count.


Hi there,

It’s currently unclear when the @Anywhere tweet box will be made aware of the URLs and URL-like constructs that will be wrapped with t.co after submission. Will work on obtaining an ETA.


ok, so you can ignore my question about the same exact issue … will delete it and sub to this thread … thanks