IE9 javascript broken?


The following code on http;// works on Firefox, Chrome, Opera but not IE9.
What am I doing wrong?


Widgets that talk to (profile & list widgets) have a known issue with IE9 right now. We’re hoping to get the fix out soon. Thanks.


Do you think the IE issue with List View will be fixed by September 5. Works great in Firefox, but anyone on my site using IE will only see a blank box? Hoping a fix is sooner than later!! Any feedback as to where this stands?


It works with IE8, why not 9??


Do you have any idea when it will be fixed for ie9? Has anyone called Microsoft about this?


Seems to be just IE9 - firefox, chrome, safari, opera all okay.


Same problem here Grrr… The weird thing though it seemed to work to just fine just a few months ago on both IE 9 and Firefox


I can’t believe this has not been fixed yet.


Yes, I am getting the same blank box in IE9. Once the fix is made, will it automatically populate in the locations where we have the widgets, or will we have to correct something in the code? Thanks, can’t wait for this to be resolved either.


The Problem seems to be fixed. Now I saw the built in twitter widgets.


Such problem…is it ok?


How about @episod? Any progress?


Curious to know if this is still an active issue. I am having issues with a js widget displaying in IE 9 & 10.