IE9 "blocked due to mime type mismatch"



The twitter feed in our website ,gives a script error object doesn’t support property or method decay and also states “blocked due to mime type mismatch” we are getting response from twitter as “Content-Type: application/json” and “X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff” Any resolutions


Hi @kamal299 – We are working to resolve this issue that recently popped up with IE9. We’ll clear it from our Known Issues page when it is resolved:



Thanks for your update.



Can you give me an update of when this issue will get resolved.

Kamal R


We’d be interested in an update to this as well. Even just a quick thought on timeline would useful so we could tell if we should put a long term fix in place or an appropriate error message.

– my bad, I see more discussion is happening here:


Twitter ! Is there any improvements in fixing this,please give us an update.