IE8 doesn't make it to "Your Tweet has been posted!" page without an undocumented "original_referer" parameter


Mine is Internet Explorer 8(.0.7601.17514).

Please copy and paste this link and then post a tweet. I always end up with the “This page can’t be displayed” error.

NOTE: PLEASE DON’T CLICK THE LINK DIRECTLY, as it’ll automatically attach the very param I’m talking about. Just copy and paste it to your address bar.過去にバグ報告も腐るほどあるようだし、今も投稿後のコールバックが呼ばれない不具合が修正されていないし、そもそもTwitterはIE8をサポートしているのか。もし動作を保証できない機能があるならGitHubみたいに明記してほしい。&

Then delete the tweet (since the tweet has indeed been posted despite the error message, and otherwise you’d be told “Whoops! You already said that… please post a new tweet. Learn more here”), and try this.過去にバグ報告も腐るほどあるようだし、今も投稿後のコールバックが呼ばれない不具合が修正されていないし、そもそもTwitterはIE8をサポートしているのか。もし動作を保証できない機能があるならGitHubみたいに明記してほしい。&

You’ll see “Your Tweet has been posted!” on your window.

The only difference between the two is the inclusion of “original_referer” parameter that isn’t even an actual referrer. The parameter isn’t listed in the document (see, but according to my brief Google search effort it’s a param for Twitter’s internal usage, and when I click a link via modern browsers like Chrome, it’s always attached by Twitter if missing.

Incidentally, the encoded text is my rant, basically saying “Twitter seems to leave many IE8 glitches they’re not so eager to fix, and if they don’t give a full support to IE8, why not explicitly stating it like GitHub.” ;p


Hi, thanks for the report.

With your example text I can reproduce the problem, but with other prefilled text it works OK in IE8. I’m not sure if we’ve got some bug with our Japanese character handling or what’s going on. We’ll take a look.