IE timeline problems


Twitter widget is not working on my website. I created a new component in a widgets page.
the code working very well in this browsers… Mac Safari, Pc & Mac Firefox and Chrome but its not working on Internet Explorer
I think that no one finds a solution, everyone asked questions, but no answers. is there anybody from twitter for fix this problem…, or anybody have an answer or solution in somewhere?


Hi Tolga,

We do read the forum, and I try to take time to reply to threads of issues at least once per issue. There are sometimes repeat requests that have already been answered in previous threads that can be found by searching, so not every thread will have its own response.

For this issue: We recently fixed a number of IE10 rendering bugs, but if you’re still seeing something we’d obviously like to look into it. In our own development testing, all versions of IE (from IE6—with some limitations—through IE10 all render widgets.) If there’s a bug, we’ll need more specific information in your bug report, and if possible a URL that demonstrates the problem.

Please let us know which version of IE you’re running, which OS you’re running it on, and the URL of the page exhibiting the error. From that we’ll be able to try and reproduce it and build a fix.