IE not working with Twitter button


My website has an onload event that fires to update the background image and add some CSS. My website no longer reaches this onload event in IE(7,8,9) if there is a twitter button on the page. I have removed all my twitter buttons from my website so I can’t send you an example however, I know there is a loading issue with the widget.js in IE. Please resolve this issue.



I reported this earlier today:


I am getting this same problem in IE 7,8 on a blog when we didn’t have an issue before. We have not had any code changes. If I remove twitter pages load. If I don’t they hang and the browser crashes.


Seeing the same issue here in IE9 in IE8 compliance.
Removing the button is the only way to get IE8 and lower to load.

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Hi guys. I’m tracking this down and should have a fix out in a few hours. If you can, could you please share some URLs where this occurred so I can confirm the fix?



Ben, all of the sites we’ve developed with onload “preloading” events are now frozen because of the tweet button. If you hit the “back” button, the site will load. Very weird. Here are some URLS:

Hope that helps!


Second try to add a comment. I’ve reported this issue at
Test case available at:


We deployed an update tonight that should rectify this, and events in IE8 should fire as normal. Also, Tweet and Follow Buttons counts in IE8 should also now display as expected. Please let us know if you run into any further issues.

Also, thanks to @niekkouwenberg who sent me a test case based on his site, and helped me verify the fix this evening. Always much appreciated to find people helping out at all times of day and night.



Thanks, Ben! All sites working again.




The problem is not solved. Look at this sites:
Still have to click many times in IE to go back. Have deleted history but stil got the problem.

Have the same problems on my own websites. Going to remove all twitter buttons from my websites to fix this problem.


Even on this page I have to click four times to go back.


Hi Alair, please clear your cache and try again now. We pushed an update in the last 30 minutes that fixes the browser history glitch in IE9.


It works, great! Thank you very much for the quick response.


Thanks for the fix.


Hello , can you please check our URLs in internet explorer 8:

as you can see, it is only displaying the word, “Tweet” and not the image ???

(NOTE: share button at bottom of page)


same issue i am also facing.In IE 8 only i can see the tweet text but not the button .
here is my url


I have the same ssue on IE8 using this script. It display “tweet” text instead of the image.


Anyone know how to fix it?