IE and force_login=true not redirecting after login


Up until yesterday I was loading this URL after getting a valid oauth token in an embedded IE browser in my desktop app
When the user logs in, IE no longer redirects to the callback page with my access token.
If I use the same URL in Chrome, the redirect occurs, but I am only able to embed IE in the application.
If I remove force_login=true, the redirect happens, but I need to force login for the next user.
Until yesterday this worked for 2 years.


Thanks for the report, we are investigating now.


We believe we found the issue - please let us know if this is working for you now.


Yes it’s fixed. Thanks


It’s happening again.


Can you confirm that this is related to force_login=true, or whether this is the “session” issue we are seeing here - thanks


Looks like something different this time. Here’s a video, maybe this will help:


thanks - we are investigating.


Any updates? This has shut down a lot of users events who rely on our software.


@andypiper, any updates on this? We are unable to use twitter without this being fixed.


Still working on a solution - thanks for your patience and apologies.


Seems to have started working correctly again.


The issue has returned. Here’s a video showing logging in using IE first and then Chrome 2nd. Notice the the extra step required in IE.

Login in IE does not redirect

@andypiper, This has been happening for a week with no updates. There are many customers complaining about not being able to log in to Twitter from our application.


Apologies, we are investigating.


Any updates on this @andypiper?


With the extra step, users should still be able to login in - correct? There’s just an additional stage involved?


Correct, but that’s not how it used to work. After login the application was always able to grab the token immediately.


I’m also experiencing a new issue that I believe is related to the force_login=true oauth troubles.

Scenario: I’m logged into in one tab, then I try and authenticate with my app in another tab.

Problem: After the authorize screen pops up, it automatically logs me out of in the other tab. This wasn’t happening previously. This is before I even enter my password in the Twitter authorize screen.

Its happening in chrome, firefox, and IE.


Hi @andypiper. Any update on this subject? Thanks.