IE 9, 10, 11 not displaying Twitter Widget


We have a SharePoint site where we are displaying User Timeline Widget. Since last week this widget is only displaying Tweets by @Orlando_Corp, thats all. I tried to recreate a new widget there is no preview and when I click on Create, it displays a message on top center of the screen “There was an error saving the theme settings for your widget. Check you’ve used a valid hexadecimal color name”. It is working on Chrome, but our default browser is IE and we are not using 7 or 8 so not sure why this is happening to our site. TIA.


What is the Document Mode chosen by Internet Explorer or your site to render the page? Internet Explorer can run your page inside of an emulator to create the same behaviors as IE 7 or 8.


IE 9 for both, Browser Mode is IE 9 and Document Mode is IE 9 Standards as well.


If you are unable to recreate your issue with an Embedded Timeline in isolation then your site’s method of including an Embedded Timeline or the remote JavaScript may be at fault.

I created a new HTML document and copy-and-pasted HTML generated by Twitter’s markup generators for an Embedded Timeline widget.

I tested the URL on Windows 8.1 IE 11, Windows 8 IE 10, and Windows 7 IE 9, 10, and 11 with no visible issues.


Well its not only our site that is giving me issues, I cannot see the widget preview or even create a widget from Twitter’s site in IE 9, we have a lot of java scripts running on our plateform and they are not broken. Its a strange issue that started last week, it was working fine before that.


On my IE 8.0 does not work:


Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported.



we are using the twitter timeline widget as well, and yesterday the owner of the site noticed that indeed the twitter widget was not working.

We are using the widget embedded in a Sharepoint webpart. But even when I put the pure widget code in a bare HTML file, then it will not work in our default browser (IE 10) (just showing the title of the feed), but it does work in Chrome.

I’m quite puzzled and don’t know where to start to have that one fixed.
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There’s a good chance that your browser (or site) is forcing IE8 document mode, which is no longer supported.


I’m having the same issue. In SharePoint 2010, when I view the feed in ie9 (checked developer tools, ie9 across the board), it does not show. The feed does, however, show in Chrome.

I opened your JSBin file from earlier and it does show the feed in IE9.

It’s been working up until a few days ago for me too, and we haven’t changed anything about our SharePoint instance.

Any thoughts?

Oh! More info. I took the code from JSBin and tried to display it in ie9 without SharePoint OR JSBin and it does not show. It only shows the “Tweets by @Interior” (Just like my “Tweets @WilmerHale” shows in SharePoint 2010.)


Hi Andy,

that might be indeed the issue. We are still stuck to Sharepoint 2010 (upgrading soon), and indeed, it is forcing the IE8 compatibility mode :frowning:

One better reason to upgrade quickly :smile:


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