Identifying movie and location data


I am PhD student of Auckland university technology in New Zealand. I am new in this field. Probably, my question looks crazy, but i appropriate it if you can help.
I need twitter data for my research. Suppose that people watch “Hobbit”, the movie which is produced in New Zealand. They will tweet this movie in their profile. those people who tweet Hobbit movie, they may travel to New Zealand to visit the Hobbit village. In this case I would like to extract the name of movies that people watch and also the places that they visit w.r.t. User1 has watched movie1 and User1 has visited place1, means that in every profile I would like to extract these two factors. In this case, is it necessary to use Jquery or not? can I use those method that you offer here?


I suppose you could use a track parameter on the Streaming API for this. You certainly would not be able to just use Jquery.