Identify Promoted and Organic when redirect to the target "Website URL"




I have a question regarding the visibility of traffic that I’m getting into my site via the promoted tweets.

When I’m creating a web card to promoted I attached to it the target “Website URL”, Once the campaign is opened for this card, I can get 2 types of traffic to my site: Promoted and Organic.

In Twitter ads console, I can view the campaign analytics and view the amount of click break to Promoted and Organic.

I would like also to identify the type of the click (Promoted and Organic) on my site (when the user redirect to my site)

Do you have any mechanism that supports this?
Do you have an option to add macros to the target “Website URL”?



Hey @LHacmon

Thanks for reaching out! To answer your question, if you look at our metrics and segmentation page, you’ll see that there’s we allow you to pull metrics for both PROMOTED_TWEET and ORGANIC_TWEET. These values should allow you to pull metrics broken down by Promoted and Organic.

Do you have an option to add macros to the target “Website URL”?

You should be able to set the “Website URL” value to any URL that includes the macros.

Hope that helps!



Thank you @imit8me for your answer.

I’m familiar with the Ads API and know how to pull the statistics, but this is not helping me.

I would like to distinguish between the promoted & organic twitter traffic that twitter send to my site (I would like to identify it in real time).

Do you (Twitter) have any info that you put on the HTTP request when to send the user to the target URL?