"id_str"or "user_id_str"?


I recently captured some tweets for analysis. I am seeing two fields in my csv; “id_str” and “user_id_str”.

My question is, which of these two ids uniquely identifies the user that posted the tweet?



Hi Nimat,

In general, id_str can represent a unique ID either for [node: 7286] or [node: 7287]. When looking at a Tweet object for instance, the unique user ID would be the id_str nested in the user object.

In your case, I’m not sure which API endpoint or tool you are using, but since you have both id_str and user_id_str, I believe user_id_str is the unique user ID you are looking for. It’s the attribute we use for users on [node:6281].


Hi Romain,

Thank you for your response.

I used the streamR package of R for my capture.


Alright, then I can confirm user_id_str is indeed extracted from id_str inside the nested user as I described above, so it is the unique user ID you are looking for.