I'd like to suggest a feature be implemented



I sometimes quote/reference Biblical scriptures and often type out the verse(s) along with where they’re found. I’m just wondering if someone might be able to introduce a feature that allows one to type in just the reference where the verse(s) is found and a Bible hosting website (such as www.biblegateway.com) might be automatically searched and the verse would appear automatically as a part of the tweet. This feature would be convenient, not just for myself, but for others, as I trust this concept could be used in many different ways.

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I Would Suggest You Could Search Your Interactions By Date, Since It Takes Time To Go Through Thousands Of Tweets To Find Just 1. Also When You Try to Search Old Tweets, It Only Goes To A Certain Limit. Please Make This A Feature To Search Tweets By Month.


Show follower’s time vs yours.


  • On the follower’s profile page, we can see where our followers are from.
  • In the account settings, we already select our preferred time zone.


  • You could program a code that compares your followers time zone vs yours. It would be shown on their profile area or on the top menu when you access someone’s page. (ex.: if it’s 6:30 on EST and my Californian friend is on PST,she’s 3 hours apart from me, so it’s 3:30).

Why it’s useful:

  • Most Twitter have followers from around the world. It would give you context when you tweet someone and would not have to remember (or look it up) each time you want to be sure.


Synchronisation of notifications read between the web browser and mobile devices.

To explain why I’m requesting this feature I’ll tell you my use case:
I use twitter in the browser while I’m at my computer during work hours, and when I get a tweet I get the notification from my phone, then check the notification in my browser. Once I’ve cleared this notification, I would also like it to be cleared from my phone, so that my phone’s notification light will turn off (my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4).

I’ve noticed other apps have the ability to do this sort of behaviour, such as Google Hangouts and possibly facebook too.

Thank you for reading