I'd like to export Twitter Ads metrics via api


I’d like to export Twitter Ads metrics(include CampaignID,CampaignName,AccountID,AccountName,ReportDate,StartDate,EndDate,Spending,Impressions,Engagements,Click,Currency,InstallsEngage,InstallsAssisted,InstallsView) via API.

I’m a newbie.so far, I’ve created a new app and got an access token from apps.twitter.com.

What should I do next?
a) To apply for Twitter Ads API?
b) Which resource URL should I follow?
Can you give me the guide?



@Karen_Chiou: Yes, you should apply for access to the Ads API. You can apply here.

Once you have that, please take a look at our documentation. You can find the reference documentation there, too, that’ll give you specifics around making requests for every endpoint in the API.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

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