I wrote an app which uses xAuth, which now can no longer read direct messages


After Twitter dropped supported for Basic Authentication, in a hurry I switched to make my app use xAuth. Now Twitter has dropped support for that method to read direct messages. Direct messages are critical to my app, and switching to OAuth is a no-go as my app runs on the IBM AS/400, which has no GUI, and no web browser.

Here is what I would like:

Why not give each Twitter user a page in which he/she can authorize each app for whatever capability they like, rather than push this onto app developers?

Twitter recommends the use of xAuth for non-GUI applications, but has now removed important capability from that API, without providing an alternative. At the moment as an xAuth user, I cannot see a way for my application to read direct messages at all any more. I don’t have a GUI and I don’t have a web browser, what are my options?