I would like to change my player card to look smaller in our tweets


My tweets are only showing a big thumbnail of the song once you click on the tweet. I would like to have it show up as a small thumbnail before you click on the tweet like SoundCloud, anghami or other music sites.

URL affected:

Please check out this tweet with the small thumbnail:

Here is our tweet: https://twitter.com/gotinstrumental/status/892776587652980739

Thank you!

Troubleshooting steps tried already:


Soundcloud uses the audio card which is only available to select partners and not openly available on the developer platform.

You’ve configured a player card, which is probably the best option for you. You can change the way in which that displays if you use your own HTML5 player rather than just linking to the audio stream. We have a player card sample here.


Ok thanks Andy.

I have a few more questions why doesn’t the player card only work on some tweets? Link: https://twitter.com/gotinstrumental/status/893338928782213120

And I see our friends at Spinrilla have a player card and summary card installed into their site. How can we use both cards? Link: https://twitter.com/iamtoocold/status/889614676656607234

And also how do you get the website next to the thumbnail in the tweet post so people can click it and bring you to our twitter?

And the last question is there anyway to put in a summary card for your homepage so when people tweet out the homepage we can have a nice thumbnail pop up. Right now it’s set up with a player card without a thumbnail.

Thanks again!


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