"I would like to apply for elevated POST limits" option not available in the form



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In my developer account ( develeoper.twitter.com) , I couln’t see this option in this https://help.twitter.com/forms/platform form. Please assist.


Having the same issue here. Don’t see any option related to elevated POST limits.


Team , Any update on this?


Team , Its already august 20 , kindly help us to resolve this issue, please.


Now I can able to see the option in form and also applied for elevated post request limits. App Id: 4152140 . Please get back to us for further details.


We have the same issue. We want to apply for elevated POST limits, but the option is not available in the request form.

Thank you for addressing this issue.


We have invited developers to apply for elevated POST rate limits whom we know will be affected or have been historically close to the new limits so that we can prioritize getting them elevated access and avoid interruption to their use of Twitter APIs. The ‘I would like to apply for elevated POST limits.’ request option is currently only visible to those developers — this missing piece of information was an oversight in our recent instructions for requesting elevated POST access.

If you believe you will need elevated limits but do not see that option, please use ‘I have an API policy question not covered by these points’, and explain your use case and expected volume of POST requests. Thank you for your patience. We’re taking this as feedback and working to simplify our requests our developer community.


We applied for POST rate limits elevation, But no response from you. Its august 27 now, So can you please expedite the process since september 1st is the deadline it seems.


We just announced that we are going to be extending the enforcement date to October 22nd.


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