I was getting 3000+ tweets per minute, that has decreased slowly to now about 100 per minute. Could someone explain why please?



Slowly over the last several months, my tweet rate has been decreasing, from 3000++ per minute to around 100 now, which is not usable anymore. This means that I have to change the source of data because the volume is just not enough to train classifiers anymore. Potentially a week or two of development. I would rather have my rate back up to 3000, as all the code is tested and released already. Failing that I have to look at the other social networks for source data.

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Well magically I am back up to 3000 tweets a minute :slight_smile: Hmmm… very strange.


I am having a similar issue - the rate dropped dramatically (by a factor of 5, looking at my bandwidth readings, not actual tweet counts) on 15 Jan 2014.

This is using the Sample Stream.

I am using Twitter4j v3.0.5.

No code or config changes were made over this period at my end.

Perhaps compression has been enabled on the stream, which wasn’t previously enabled…? (Given that I have been looking at bandwidth not tweet counts…).

UPDATE: the overall number of tweets received per day is approximately the same as before the change, so I can only conclude that compression has suddenly started working (which is nice)!