I wanted to make a bot as a public service to help journalists access public records. My application was rejected


Hi everyone. A few months ago, I created @cdnati to help journalists in Canada access government records online. The goal of this project was to provide a simple public service to thousands of journalists around the country. So far, I’ve been posting every tweet manually since I didn’t have developer access.

But my application for access was rejected without explanation. It takes too much time to tweet manually, and so without developer access, I will have no choice but to shut down the project.

The project was covered in CBC and in other media outlets: See https://www.cbc.ca/radio/spark/409-1.4860495/journalist-hopes-twitter-bot-will-reform-canada-s-access-to-information-1.4860744

I don’t understand why this process is now incredibly complicated. Is there no place on Twitter now for bots that have no commercial purpose?


All of our developer applications are reviewed to ensure compliance with Twitter policy. While we can’t comment on specific cases, applications may be rejected if they are found to be in violation of any section of the Developer Agreement and Policy, Automation Rules, Display Requirements, and/or the Twitter Rules.

Additional information on restricted uses of Twitter APIs is available here.

There currently isn’t a way to edit a rejected application, or to re-apply, however stay informed for product updates/changes.

There are several existing topics on the matter. I’m going to close this one as it is a duplicate.