I want users to be able to change, in real-time, which user account tweets that are displayed to them, via an input field


Is there anyway to allow my website users to change which user account tweets that are displayed to them in the twitter search widget?
I would like users to be able to type (in a input field) any twitter user’s account they choose, which then updates the widget to display the newly specified user’s latest tweets.

Any help, much appreciated


The widget doesn’t support this directly but you could use Javascript to offer an input field for users and dynamically insert or remove the widget based on that input – using the profile widget instead of the search widget would be wise for this use case.


Thx. Im having difficulty working out the code or finding examples. Surely someone out there must have added this functionaltiy? I will post if I do locate. Any code examples of how this is done, much appreciated.


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i need to change on my computer from 1 acct to another