I want to tweet an image from my website with a user message and with our website link and description


How to submit our details to twitter to get permissions from them.can you teel me the procedure to be followed


Your question is not clear.

Do you want have a button on your website that enables a user to Tweet? if so, you can use the Tweet button.

If you want to have an image and message shared whenever your website link is included in a new Tweet, then you can use a Summary Large Image card to do this.

In both cases there is no need to submit your details to Twitter or get any permissions or approvals.


i need an tweet button on my website where we will have several photos.whenever i click an image that particular images should get tweeted with our website link


You can get Tweet buttons from our publish.twitter.com portal (scroll down the page for the options). There’s more information on the developer pages for Twitter for Websites.

You’ll need to build your own functionality to enable images to be posted, though - that’s not something that our Web Intents can provide.


when i ever i click on the images on my website it should display as i uploaded in the above image like image,website url,and the description of my website.Does this require any permissions to tweet on twitter for every user.can u explain me in detail because iam new to twitter.I will write the functionality for the images to be tweeted.


In that case, you need to implement a Twitter Summary card for each of the pages on your site.


Is it not possible to do with the coding with out metatags,with meta tags we can share only one image which we are passing.But what i need was ‘on which ever image user clicks that should be tweeted’.


The Tweet example you posted above showed a Twitter Card. Those work with a single, static image attached to a web page.

If you want to write code which enables anyone to choose an image from your site and Tweet it, you’ll need to have logic on the page which identifies which image a user has chosen, then upload it to Twitter on the backend, and have your own Tweet function and compose box which creates a new Tweet with the image attached. That will not look the same as the example Tweet you showed above.


when i was using summary card,i was getting the error “Unable to render Card preview” and warn as “not whitelisted”.How do i get permissionsto get whitelisted.what i read was there is no neccessity to get whitelisted unless we are using other than player card.when i was placing and running the metatags on my webpage nothing was happening it was showing an empty page.


I have placed robots.txt on my domain by adding useragent:* and disallow: even now it was showing the same error.What i should do to get whitelisted.

when i gave the url with pagename it was not showing any error and images was not getting fetched or crawled.If i was entering only www.domain.com it was showing the above error.Help me to find out of this.I was confused n how should i approve the permissions.Thanks in advance


can you answer me soon


can u suggest me


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