I want to know about api policy


first of all. sorry that my weak english.

I made a mobile web service that can search twitter tweets around my friends.

i didn’t use search Api in twitter . instead of this, i use basic api to crawl only friends’s tweets of join user. it crawls the post every 1 hours.

and it will be used only for korean and korean characters.

the reason that i made this is korean search in twitter is not useful. because data of searching include not my friends and old data is not searched

is this illegal at the view of twitter api policy?

i try to find that in twitter’s many pages. but it didn’t help. even i couldn’t find that how contact twitter to ask about that.

my question is

1.is that service illegal?
2.how can i contact to twitter to ask about that?
3.is there any way to get api request more, not using white list( or get a white list) give me a some tips to run this service