I want to install my twitter Widget on My Blog Entry


But it is not giving me any option except for the option to create a link and other.
Mine Blog is this : http://www.pcguru.hu/blog/watchmoviesonline/watch-mad-max-fury-road-online-free-hd/8821


A timeline widget consists of two parts: a link with a special HTML class; a JavaScript file loaded from Twitter’s servers to identify the link and create a full HTML widget.

Your website software will need to support adding a list with a class and data-widget-id attribute.

<a class="twitter-timeline" href="https://twitter.com/TwitterDev" data-widget-id="{widgetid}">Tweets by @TwitterDev</a>

You may insert the JavaScript component into your page template.

<script id="twitter-wjs" src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" async></script>