I want to get followers count number


This is the first time to use twitter api … How can I use twitter service to get number of followers in account … Is that possible ?


Yes, check out the documentation for [node:10320]. You will see an attribute called followers_count which is what you are looking for.


Okay but always get {“errors”:[{“message”:“Bad Authentication data”,“code”:215}]} I think I have to use oAuth service first … I want to be authrized by using service in javascript if it possible.


This error means you have not provided the proper authentication data. Please take a look at the following guides for more information on how to sign your requests with OAuth: [node:3062] and [node:2927].


Hi there:

followers_count is found under GET / USERS / SHOW

But how do I finish structuring the app info I need to get it would it be something like this ? where I place a dash after show and write followers count ?

What if I want to find out the count for more than one screen name , would I write screenname2 and so on ¡

https://api.twitter.com/1.1/users/show/followers_count.json?screen_name=screenname1, screenname2, …
Thank you

Javier _


There is no attribute followers_count available on that page.


Don’t do this, but it’s possible to get the number of followers without authentication, and directly from the client.