I want to get back with my current profile,profile name is atmolight7777


i have mistakenly,make a new profile,and want to cancel it,and get back to my current profile,which is,atmolight7777,i have try to cancel it,but it does not work out,this is the new profile name,that is mistakenly,done and the profile name is silverstar8989,i want to cancel this profile,and get back,to atmolight7777,please help me out,thank you for cooperation.


get me back to the trademark,with all the same details,in my atmolight7777,profile,do not change my background detail,in twitter,help me out,give me the same content,that i have built in atmolight7777,do not change anything inside,officialy your member in twitter,thank you for your full cooperation,my name is FIZUAN BIN HAFIZ YEO,member in twitter.