I want Rate limiting of direct message and Account Activity API(Standard beta, Premium, Enterprise) to know



I am currently applying for the use of the Account Activity API (Standard beta), but I have not received a response yet.
The other day, I found out the information I care about.
That is information that you can only use up to 1,000 postings per day for using the API to send direct messages.
Because the application I 'm trying to create needs to send much more than this,
I am beginning thinking that it is better not to consider Standard but paying one.
Can you tell me the following?

  1. Is the upper limit of direct message transmission 1000 times? How does this number change with API usage plan?
  2. How are premium plans and enterprise plan charges determined? Is there more information in somewhere?
  3. When using premium plan or enterprise plan, will Account Activity API become available immediately without making application like we did in beta yet?
  4. Can I receive support in Japanese when using premium plan or enterprise plan?

Best regards, Warm regards.


Please see this announcement related to improvements to Direct Message rate limiting.

For the Account Activity API, we have not yet published details of the forthcoming premium plans, and the API remains in beta today.

I’m unable to say what our plans are for international language support at this time. Thank you.


I really appreciate your answer. I am very glad that the upper limit of the number of transmissions was improved.
My apprehension concerning application creation was largely dispelled.

Also, just today, applications for using the Account Activity API have been approved.
Thank you!


I’m sorry, I forgot one.
When “Welcome Message” registered by the API is automatically transmitted to the user,
Do consume the limit value of Direct Message?
I can not find such information,
I imagine that there is no upper limit on the number of transmissions in the Welcome Message sent automatically to users.