I validate my card and all green but is not showing in twitter


Hi, I did my gallery card, I validated and It was all perfect but I twit the link and the card is not display, Any idea why??


have you whitelisted the card? can you provide the URL you’re linking to in your tweet?


Hi Andy. I have three v-cards that were validated for 3 Twitter names and worked for a few weeks and now no cards are being added to my tweets.
The twitter name and validated http addresses are
SolarPowerCEE http://solarpowercee.blogspot.com
SafetyIndGp http://safetyindustriesgroup.blogspot.com and
What can I do to make them work properly again and why did they stop working?


The @Multibandtechno site seems to have cards and I can see tweets from the other accounts referencing the links in tweets which have Summary cards attached.

The other two sites are not whitelisted for cards, I’ve just tried validating them and they appear to work, but the “Apply for whitelisting” button appears on the left hand side. You should go through that process to get the sites approved.


Hi Andy,
I can’t see the “apply for whitelisting” button on the left hand side and would send you a screenshot if I had your email. Any thoughts on how I can do this in another way?


… so, weirdly - I was sure these showed as not whitelisted earlier. They now appear to be whitelisted, and cards are working when I tweet the URLs. Apologies for whatever happened there!


Hi Andy,
Well I just posted a tweet to @SolarPowerCEE at 9:12 am at https://twitter.com/SolarPowerCEE/status/529924322853675009 and still no card picture. what do you suggest I do?


On that post you have this markup:

<meta content='' name='twitter:image:src'/>

So there is no image to display.

You also have two instances of the twitter:url tag in your card markup. This may confuse the cards crawler.

I’ve successfully tweeted the top-level page of your site and got a card attached https://twitter.com/evilpiper/status/529760082599628800 but the fact you are using both .com and .co.uk might be causing issues too - which one did you apply for whitelisting for?


Which parts do you want me to delete as this formed the basis for the three twitter cards?

I whitelisted for .com but I can’t understand you comment re .com or co.uk

Thanks and best regards.



The URL you tweet should match the URL that is whitelisted, which should match the URL in the twitter:url tag.

Right now you’re saying you whitelisted .com.
When I visit .com I get redirected to .co.uk, and as a result I copy/paste that URL and tweet it. That doesn’t match your whitelisting.
Finally, the URL appears with two different TLDs in your card metadata. You should only have one.

Make all of that match, and see how you get on from there.

If you expect to see an image, you will need to put the path to an accessible image URL in the twitter:image:src value too.


same problem, validation all green my site/card is white listed,now what?
neither my tweet nor my video is showing up on twitter, should be a tweet this buttun i push to get my post on twitter? btw,your developer site never asked me for what kind of card i wanted,i want the video card


The kind of card is determined by what content you put in the meta tags on your web page, not by questions asked by the Twitter developer site.


meta tags on my web page? (sounds a little Greek to me) I’m using wordpress, perhaps you can tell me what page to go to to add video meta tags, I’m not a programmer but I do know my way around wordpress and can follow simple instructions, thank you


You should read the Twitter Cards documentation and possibly use a Wordpress plugin which can add the tags for you.