I see a change in how the tweets are being transition as of the last 2 weeks, and its not an improvement. Please Read!



I use twitter for my websites, and as of 2 weeks the tweets are now jerky-choping and hard to follow as they transition down, and they used to smoothly scroll down…and was easy to follow and read.

What is going on? And can this be fixed?

here is the website, one of many i have the feed on…


Here is the twitter code I am using.

NFL Tweets

Twitter Username: @DA_Sticks
Email address: DASticks@gmail.com


You’re using a deprecated widget that will cease functioning very soon. Upgrade to [node:10248].


“Upgrade” is a questionable term in this instance.


Same issue for us. And I don’t see any autoscrolling in the new embedded timelines. Is there an option for it?


The new timeline will autoscroll when new Tweets are delivered, but does not presently have a feature to scroll through older Tweets in a timeline.