I ran the code through Twitter's validator and put it under the page, but it isn't showing up. Any suggestions?


Additional info:

I want to use this card to create a test for a children’s book site: www.lorimer.ca/childrens

  1. I use a web CMS, so instead of pasting the code into the header, it is published under the Children’s section (with Children as the card’s parent). According to the developer this is the same thing as inserting the code into the header text. Has anyone else done used Twitter cards with a web CMS?
  2. Did not receive a confirmation email from Twitter after inserting the code.
  3. The main domain name (www.lorimer.ca) leads to an intro page that few would visit or share.

I’d appreciate any advice!


Hi! I took at a look at your site and it all looks pretty good, although you currently have a bunch of empty tags (twitter:app:name:iphone and all of the other twitter:app:… tags) which are redundant as you want to use a Summary Large Image card, so you should ask your developer to remove them.

In order to get approved and to receive a confirmation email you need to visit our cards validator at https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards/validation/validator and paste the URL www.lorimer.ca/childrens into the validation tool. You’ll see a preview of your card on the right hand side, and that your domain is not approved, with a “Request approval” button. Once we’ve checked your site, we’ll approve you and you’ll get a confirmation email.

That should do it!