I need to hire a Twitter developer!


I’m working on a website. I can take care of most of it. But I need someone that can write an engine that will take the pasted link of a tweet, take a screenshot of it (in case it’s deleted), and parse all that information into a database. The database needs to be searchable by sender, recipient, content, and date/time.

I need to get this right the first time. If you can make this happen or have questions, please contact me via email (bmorgan@i-simplify.biz) or twitter (@Col_Obvious). Let me know if you have any suggestions, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

I’m very serious about getting this done quickly and correctly.


As far as I know this violates the Twitter Terms of Service and the Developer Agreement.


Can you be more specific?



Twitter Developer Policy

I. 2. f.: Only surface Twitter activity as it surfaced on Twitter. For example, your Service should execute the unfavorite and delete actions by removing all relevant Content, not by publicly displaying to other users that the Tweet is no longer favorited or has been deleted.


I. 3. a. ii.: Republish Content accessed by means other than via the Twitter API or Twitter other tools.

I. 3. b. Take all reasonable efforts to do the following, provided that when requested by Twitter, you must promptly take such actions:
i. Delete Content that Twitter reports as deleted or expired;

I. 6. b. If you provide Content to third parties, including downloadable datasets of Content or an API that returns Content, you will only distribute or allow download of Tweet IDs and/or User IDs.
You may, however, provide export via non-automated means (e.g., download of spreadsheets or PDF files, or use of a “save as” button) of up to 50,000 public Tweets and/or User Objects per user of your Service, per day.
Any Content provided to third parties via non-automated file download remains subject to this Policy.


I suppose I should mention that the database will only be searchable by Law Enforcement.


If you would like more information on our Policies please raise a ticket via http://support.twitter.com/forms/policies but regardless of the intent the developer policy applies. Thank you.