I need to change the Twitter account owner of my app. How do I do this?


Sorry if this is in the wrong category. I have a working app being used by my website, but the twitter account that owns it was created badly. I have another account which I would like to own the App. Is there a way to change the ownership of the App?

I don’t want to have to start again if that is possible.



Hi @Women_Wise,

Right now the best way to handle this is by sending a detailed email to api@twitter.com from the email address associated with the account currently owning the application. Include in the email the target @screenname that you want to own the application instead and our API support team will take care of it from there.



Thanks Taylor. Appreciate the info :slight_smile:


Is this solution up to date?



Yes, still the same process as before.


What is the process now? The email is no longer monitored:


Use https://support.twitter.com/forms/platform instead now