I need to approve my domain for Twitter player cards very very urgently


@froginthevalley I have submitted *.syncapse.com for twitter Player card approval.This site will be released in 3-4 days.Please approve it asap.


While I don’t work on card approvals, I can tell you that the bar for getting a player card approved is very high. If the resources you’re presenting aren’t accessible to users on a wide range of devices (such as the limited accessibility offered in Flash-based media), it’s unlikely your application for a player card will be approved.


@froginthevalley @episod
Its too late for us to change any functionality as we have already committed to our client,just because It was fine with your preview tool We also tested in various devices for sake of stablity. I have added iframe in meta tags.Please check and let me know asap.We are in hurry to launch.


My player card ( *.ventunotech.com )approval has suddenly been removed since last month and it now shows up a summary card instead. I have applied for a new approval two 2 days back but its still pending for approval. My app is already in production so PLEASE approve my player card ASAP.



Hello wants to creat a photo albaum and and picture gallery


You’ll need to add meta tags to your site. Read here for more: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards/